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Losing Weight with the Paleo Diet

During the past 25 years, the obesity rates in the western world have climbed increasingly higher and yet we are the same humans that we were a quarter of a century ago. Evolution hasn’t changed us, and in the majority of instances, we haven’t all taken sedentary jobs either.

The difference is the evolution of our modern diet, and our inability to digest the quantities of processed foods that we so readily consume. This modern diet has also made it increasingly difficult to achieve weight loss as the foods that we consider to be good for us very often are quite the opposite.


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Our bodies are designed to naturally store fat, because for millions of years, that is what they had to do. Food was often in short supply, so when we had the opportunity to eat, our bodies would store away fat reserves that it could call upon until the next meal presented itself.

We are predisposed to like the taste of fats and sweetness as this allows our bodies the opportunity to top up it’s reserves every time it can.

During recent years, we don’t have any food scarcity at all, food is everywhere and our bodies haven’t been able to keep up with this change in our surroundings. In addition, many modern processed foods overwhelm our desire for fats and sweet tasting foods, causing the equivalent of an addiction for many people.

Ironically, many of these foods that we have developed such a taste for are low in nutrition while also being high in calories, meaning that not only do you gain weight, but are malnourished at the same time!

The Basic Nutrition Groups

Your body needs Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat in order to function properly. The problem with our modern ‘convenience’ diet is that for the majority of us our diet is top heavy with refined, processed carbohydrates and refined fats and sugars, none of which we are capable of extracting much nutrition from.

The key to sustained weight loss is not just to consume less calories than you burn, which is a basic requirement for losing weight, but to avoid low quality foods, eat the right foods that will give you the energy you need to allow your body to adjust your metabolism accordingly.

When you eat real, healthy foods rather than low fat junk foods, your metabolism will slow down in balance with the calories you are eating, but because your body is extracting the maximum nutrition from your meals, your body can work efficiently making you slimmer, healthier and restoring your vitality and wellbeing.

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