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Ultimate Paleo Recipes

The key to making any diet work successfully is to make it easy to stick to. Many diets are either overly complicated, or the food tastes bland and boring and let’s face it that’s no fun!

If you are going to make Paleo a way of life and integrate it into your normal everyday routine then you need to have the information you need so you can prepare healthy meals quickly and easily. It’s not much use if you need to be a qualified chef in order to make any of the meals you should be eating, they need to be straightforward.

We are all used to living a ‘convenience’ lifestyle and as a result have sacrificed quality of food for the abundance of supply and easy shopping. The secret then in adapting to a caveman diet is to be able to use easy to buy ingredients so that it doesn’t add time and effort to your normal routine in order to live healthier.

We have several collections of Paleo recipes available, each focused on a different benefit. You might be looking to lose weight, or be looking for fitness training nutrition, help with food intolerances and feeling unwell or just be looking for increased vitality and well being….. you will find quick and simple recipes here to suit whatever needs you have.


Our Top Ten Paleo Breakfast Recipes to Blow your Mind!


It’s not always easy to find quick and easy paleo breakfast recipes that everyone will love. Try these top ten all time favourites and you will see how easy breakfast time can be on the Paleo diet.

Chocolate, Coffee, Banana Donuts

These donuts are absolutely awesome. We have not found any breakfast recipes that deliver such a great taste and they only take 35 minutes to make! You will be blown away with this recipe….. you can see it here

 Bacon Stir Fry

Another big favourite in our household! If you are looking for a great high energy way to start your day, this is it….. see the bacon stir fry recipe here

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs

Try these delicious scrambled eggs for a perfect breakfast that will start your day the best way possible…… full recipe

Perfect Pancakes

This is the best pancake recipe we have found so far. They are gorgeous and easy to flip too!! ….get the recipe

Strawberry Smoothie

This smoothie recipe is great anytime of day or after a workout, but especially great at breakfast time…… See the recipe

Egg and Sausage Muffins

These are simple, easy to make guy food…… guaranteed to be a winner everytime!…. see the recipe

Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffins are an old favourite of ours, but tricky to get right. This recipe is the best we have found to date and the results are delicious….. See here

Sweet Potato Hash

We’ve tried lots of different sweet potato hash recipes, but this one just seems better. Really easy to make, fab results….. recipe

The Ultimate Breakfast Casserole with Chorizo

This is ideal as a time saving breakfast as it will last you for a few days…… it’s also absolutely awesome!! … try it, you won’t regret it! … get the recipe here

Avocado, Steak and Eggs

This is really easy to make and you can use any leftover meal instead of the steak!… An awesome start to your day…. get the recipe

If you still need more breakfast ideas, you can download all the delicious, easy to prepare breakfast recipes you will ever need here…..

Paleo Breakfast Recipes

Our Top Ten Paleo Lunch Box Recipes


Lunch boxes are notoriously difficult to fill if you are sticking to the Paleo diet. These recipes are ideal for taking to lunch at work or school and re also absolutely delicious too!

Lamb Sliders

These don’t do the term delicious justice….. try them yourself, the will make your working day extra special… see how here

Fast Shrimp Salad

This only takes a few minutes to prepare, and it’s well worth it….. a great lunch any day of the week…. recipe

Paleo Kebabs

Admittedly kebabs are not the first thing you think of for a lunch box, but these will rock your world…… get the recipe

Chicken Salad with roasted bell peppers in Avocado Cups

This is amazing for lunch….. and on top of that, everyone with a plastic cheese sandwich in their hand is going to be so jealous!… get the easy recipe here

Citrus Beef Salad Stir Fry

This stir fry is one of our absolute favourites and is a great lunchtime treat…… get the recipe

Lettuce Wraps

Instead of using bread, just wrap your favourite paleo sandwich fillings in lettuce leaves…. easy, quick, delicious and healthy.

Cucumber Cups Stuffed with Spicy Crab

All you need is a melon baller and you are good to go with these delicious lunchtime treats…. see the recipe

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