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Top 10 Benefits of Paleo Nutrition


There are many benefits to Paleo nutrition, we have listed the top ten that we see reported time after time by paleo lifestylers……

1. Fiber (Fibre)

The Paleo diet is high in fibre which your body needs in order for your digestive system to be able to function properly. Many modern diets lack sufficient fiber causing long term problems for millions of people. Many processed foods don’t contain fibre in sufficient quantities to service our bodies needs.

2. Weight Loss

By eating a caveman diet, Paleo nutrition will allow¬† your body to function and perform more efficiently. This is because you will be able to extract more nutrition and goodness from the foods that you eat. Because of this your digestive system won’t need to store energy in your body as fat, so you lose weight. That fat accumulates when your body doesn’t know when it will next receive the nutrients and foods it needs to survive, so it stores reserves to get you through periods of food scarcity.

The irony of many modern foods is that they contain very little nutrition, which also containing lots of calories. This causes your body to become malnourished while also receiving more calories than it can burn.

The basic concept of weight loss is that you need to burn more calories than you consume. But not all calories are equal. If you eat 1000 calories worth of nuts and vegetables, your body will treat them very differently to say 1000 calories of potato chips.


3. Allergy Relief

Many people today suffer from Milk and Wheat allergies. In fact, 90% of all allergies are either Casein or Gluten related. Paleo nutrition is naturally free of Wheat and Dairy, which is why so many people who switch to paleo find quick improvements to their allergy conditions.

4. Potential Long Term Health Gains

There have been studies showing potential long term reductions in cancer, diabetes, heart disease, as well as improving immune function, increasing energy levels, giving clearer skin and improving general well being. Since Loren Cordain first wrote about Paleo in 2002, it’s popularity has been growing.

5. Natural Ingredients

By removing all the processed and refined foods from your diet you will be giving your body natural, organic foods that it was designed to eat rather than man-made foods that came into being because a longer shelf life made it easier for shops to stock products.

6. Reduced Bloating

Many people report a reduction in bloating and digestive problems soon after switching to Paleo. It is much kinder to your stomach to give it foods that is is naturally capable of consuming and converting into energy.

7. Getting your 5 a Day

Because Paleo nutrition includes vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries, it is really easy to surpass the ‘recommended’ 5 a day intake. Your body will thank you for it.

8. Not feeling hungry

Paleo isn’t about portion sizes, but eating the right things. This means that you can eat as much as your body is demanding, so you don’t feel hungry. It is very difficult to stick to a diet if you are feeling permanently hungry, but with paleo nutrition, you will eat in portion sizes that suit you.

9. Increased Energy

Because your body can process the foods you are eating efficiently, more nutrients are extracted from each meal, so you benefit from the increased energy absorption.

10. Improved Mental Clarity

Eating healthily has many advantages, not only do you make it easier for your digestive system to function when you give it the right foods, but the knock on effects improve many different things. Many paleo lifestyle adopters have reported feeling sharper mentally within weeks of cutting processed foods from their diet.

11. Reduce your Blood Pressure and cholesterol levels

Many people have questioned how you can eat as much meat as you like, and yet still see drops in your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The main reason is that there is a world of difference between healthy natural fats and processed, refined fats. Hydrogenated oils and trans fats are alien to our bodies and we can’t process them… well we can, we convert them into obesity!

Many diets are fad diets, popular for a while before fading away. The Paleo diet has been growing since the 1970’s when it was first published. The basic issue is that 100,000 generations of our ancestors lived healthily as hunter-gatherers before intensive agriculture began 1900 years ago.

500 generations have lived through intensive agriculture, and just 10 generations have lived through the industrial era, and only one or two generations have been exposed to processed foods and the fast food era. We are just not evolutionarily equipped to eat it.

Paleo top ten benefits

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