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Paleo Diet Tips

The Paleo diet is based around the foods eaten by our ancestors, hunter-gatherer cavemen who used to eat either foods that they killed such as meats and fish (all organic back in those days too!) as well as vegetables, roots, fruit, nuts and berries that they would find while out hunting.

One major difference between our modern diet and the diet of our ancestors is that where we think nothing of combining proteins and carbohydrates  together into one meal, cavemen used to eat different foods at different times.

The big advantage that this gave them is that they were able to digest their food much more efficiently than we can today. Our stomachs work by creating different enzymes in order to break down the different foods that we eat.


If you eat proteins and carbs together, on one plate… on one fork, then your stomach will try to produce the necessary enzymes, but because of the combined foods, they will each struggle to properly digest your food.

The second part of the Paleo diet then is not just to eat real food that we are designed to eat, but to eat those foods in combinations that we are most capable of digesting.

Most people don’t fully understand how their bodies work and how the fuel you eat is converted into energy, vitality and wellbeing, so consequently continue to eat unhealthy foods in combinations that they can’t disest and wonder why they feel unwell!

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The Modern Day Diet

Our current western diet is made up of many processed and modified foods which often include additives, man made compounds that add taste, colour, or longevity to the shelf life of our foods.

Much of our diet is based more on convenience rather than our health and the two aren’t natural bed fellows. Supermarkets need to provide food that will last between our weekly shopping trips, so preservatives are added to many foods in order to make our lives more convenient.

In addition, many of the foods that we eat are fairly modern inventions that came into being because we needed to feed an ever growing population and required intensive agriculture to provide that food. We have been on the planet for millions of years but some of the main food stuffs that we eat have only been a part of our diet for 8 – 10,000 years, a drop in the ocean in evolutionary terms.

We are not designed to be able to easily digest grains such as wheat, barley, oats and rye, which are in our diet primarily because they are easy to grow and harvest in large quantities at a low cost.

Add into the mix that in the last few decades many additives have then been added to bread in order to make it last a week or more without going off and it is little wonder that so many people are developing wheat related gluten intolerances.

Dairy has only been a part of our diet for 8000 years, and beyond infant age, we are not designed to be able to digest it…. which again is why so many of us can’t.

The biggest potential drawback to being able to stick to a paleo diet is the thought or idea that getting hold of the necessary foods will be difficult and time consuming, that the foods themselves won’t be as tasty and exciting as our current diets and that it will take longer to prepare real food than processed foods.

The secret is to let other people take all the hard work out of your Paleo diet for you, we have a series of caveman cookbooks which include easy to follow meal planners and are designed to be great tasting, easy and quick to prepare removing all the hassle and effort from the process for you.

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