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The Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness

The modern lifestyle revolves around eating unhealthy foods and then ‘binge’ exercising in the gym for an hour or two in order to keep some kind of crazy equilibrium going. The Paleo lifestyle has a different approach. If you are eating paleo already, then you will already be seeing and feeling the benefits that good nutritious food can bring you.

Paleo promotes ‘sustained’ exercise over high intensity workouts which are harmful to the body in the longer term, as they keep your body in a hightened state of ‘fight or flight’, raise stress levels and increase cell damage from free radicals. Our ancestors used to move about a lot more than we do today, often walking long distances, with occasional bursts of speed while hunting.

This is natural exercise for your body and is all it needs if you are eating the right foods that you were designed to eat.

There is nothing wrong with working out as a route to fitness, but your cardio program should leave you feeling strong and welll energised, rather than sore and tired. If you hurt after exercise then you are doing it wrong for paleo.


Paleo and Natural Movement

Your body is designed for natural movement and that is what suits it best. The problem with gym sessions is that whatever you train on, you will be repeating the same movement on a limited group of muscles which doesn’t mimic your natural movement at all. Invariably you then follow that by 8 hours behind a desk and wonder why you don’t feel tiptop!

Building natural exercise into your daily routine isn’t always easy, but 20 minutes brisk walking can do wonders for your wellbeing, as well as reducing stress levels.

Paleo, Working Out, Training, & Healthy Eating

If you are looking to achieve more than just a ‘natural’ everyday level of body toning and fitness, you need to include paleo in with your WOD’s (Workout of the Day) training and fitness program. The optimum diet for your body will give you the strength, energy and vitality to smash your current training times, helping you to further improve your performance as part of your regular lifestyle. Making a few changes to your diet will transform the way that your body can function leaving you leaner, healthier and stronger.

Fitness and Paleo

The paleo diet isn’t about ‘low carbs’ it is more about low ‘processed carbs’.

The Atkins diet is a pure low carb diet that results in your body having to resort to making its own carbs from your body fat… hence the fat loss. With paleo, your carb intake will be 120 – 150 grams per day rather than 20 – 30 grams, but it will be non processed carbs which are of course healthy carbs which will give you the energy that you need to train effectively and smash your WOD’s.

The definition of the word ‘Diet’ comes from Greek, meaning ‘way of life’….. it doesn’t mean binge starvation for a few weeks before returning to the processed junk foods you are used to!

Paleo is all about changing your way of life to encorporate natural, healthy, unprocessed foods that your body can function at its optimum with, and that is the whole purpose of this site. We give you the information you need to adapt your way of life eating the most nutritious foods and extracting the maximum benefit from those foods.

The key to a permanent lean physique and boundless energy is not another diet.

It is making those changes that you can make right now, that you can maintain in the future, a way of life that will make you lean, healthy and strong.

Paleo isn’t about weighing food portions, restricting your intake and measuring calories day in day out. Can you imagine a hunter-gatherer 20,000 years ago running around with a set of scales in his hand? No, He used to eat when he was hungry, save what he could for later and move on.

Weighing and measuring your food portions (unless you are an exceptional athlete such as a bodybuilder in need of very low body fat) just makes a lifestyle into a ‘fad diet’ which as we all know is unsustainable.

In the real world, with work, kids, traffic, most people can’t sustain a ‘Diet’ regime…. paleo offers a proven lifestyle change to a healthy diet that will have knock on effects on every area of your life.

If you want to make changes in your life and develop a lean, healthy and strong body, find out more about the best, proven way that real people like you are achieving it right now…

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