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Easy Ways to Check Fruit is Ripe

There is nothing nicer that biting in a fresh apple or pear and you hearing that distinctive crunching noise that follows. However, we hate being in supermarkets.  No one wants to do the grocery store run. So invariably you make a shopping list and then rush through the grocery store.

The problem with this method is that, more often or not, the fruit that you buy is spoilt. The nicest looking fruits – brightest – are always the ones that are already overripe. So how do you pick perfect ripe fruit?

test a ripe mangotest a ripe apricottest a ripe passion fruit

Here are three examples – Mango, apricots and Passion Fruits – and how to tell if these fruits are ripe?


Number One – Mango

There are four things that you need to look at when deciding on which mango to purchase: colour, smell, firmness and weight.

One – Colour: There are a wide variety of mangos, all with different colours, so ensure that you familiarise yourself with the type of mango you purchase. Once you know the type of mango you are looking to purchase, find the right one is easy.

Two – Smell: A ripe mango smell sweet. Smell the fruit near the stem, as this is where the smell is the strongest. Remember, the smell of the fruit is a large part of eating, so ensure that you enjoy the smell of the mango you are purchasing.

Three – Firmness: Mangos soften as they ripen. Look for the ones that are still firm, but soft to the touch, this means they are ready to be eaten.

Four – Weight: With most fruit you can tell the ripeness by the weight. A riper fruit will be slightly heavier than an unripe one.

 Number Two – Apricots

Apricots are small, sweet fruits that golden as they become ripe. These stone fruits -pitted- are smaller than preachers and softer than plums. These fruits are a fantastic source of vitamin A and C, iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

Purchase apricots that are firm to the touch and allow them to ripen in direct sunlight for a day or two. This process allows the fruit to become sweet and juicy. Remember, soft apricots are overripe and have a good chance of being spoilt.

Number Three – Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a delicious and sweet fruit that turns dark purple when ripe, with a soft to firm interior. This fruit can either be eaten or juiced. However, the important factor is choosing the right time to use this fruit.

In order to determine how ripe the fruit is look for wrinkling skin and a heavier feeling fruit. Remember to steer clear of green passion fruits, as these are unripe and will take more than a week to properly ripen.

Ensure that you use the knowledge provided in this article to buy fresh and ripe fruit. Remember what you need to look for and avoid buying overripe produce.

I am Greg Jones and I love fruit. As a personal trainer, I often advise my clients to eat more fruit – the natural sugars and vitamins alone provide numerous help benefits – in their diets. My brother in-law works for a ready meal manufacturer and he has explained to me the process of how to know when you fruit is ripe and as a result, I have never taken a bite of something and not enjoyed the taste.

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