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Easy Ways to Check Fruit is Ripe

There is nothing nicer that biting in a fresh apple or pear and you hearing that distinctive crunching noise that follows. However, we hate being in supermarkets.  No one wants to do the grocery store run. So invariably you make a shopping list and then rush through the grocery store.

The problem with this method is that, more often or not, the fruit that you buy is Read more

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The Best Ideas for Paleo Snacks


There are few points to make before we dive into snack lists, tips and the like. Firstly, if you are searching for paleo snacks because you permanently feel hungry then you aren’t eating enough at meal times. The paleo lifestyle isn’t a portion limiting diet, you can eat what you need to eat at meal times, so there is no reason at all to feel hungry between meals.


Having said that, we all sometimes need a snack to give us a boost between meals so here is a list of some of our favourite caveman snacks.

Read more

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The Paleo Diet Basics


For millions of years, man has eaten the ideal diet for nutrition and sustenance based on what he could find as a hunter-gatherer. It has only been relatively recently (the past 10,000), since the introduction of intensive farming that our diet has changed to include grains, dairy and legumes.

These are in evolutionary terms still un-natural foods for us. If you are training hard or competing then you need the optimal diet for performance and recovery. The Paleo diet for athletes is a twist on the basic paleo diet, so that you get everything you need to smash your Read more

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Top 10 Benefits of Paleo Nutrition


There are many benefits to Paleo nutrition, we have listed the top ten that we see reported time after time by paleo lifestylers…… Read more

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Paleolithic Diet Food Lists


The heart of the Paleo diet is based around eating foods that existed 10,000 years ago before the birth of intensive agriculture. The theory goes that during the past 10,000 years our diet has evolved to the point where we are now deriving little nutrition from many of the staple foods that we eat.

Knowing what you can and can’t eat is the first step to adopting a paleo lifestyle and our paleo diet food lists below show you what you can eat and what you should avoid. Read more

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Paleo Diet Tips

The Paleo diet is based around the foods eaten by our ancestors, hunter-gatherer cavemen who used to eat either foods that they killed such as meats and fish (all organic back in those days too!) as well as vegetables, roots, fruit, nuts and berries that they would find while out hunting.

One major difference between our modern diet and the diet of our ancestors is that where we think nothing of combining proteins and carbohydrates  together into one meal, cavemen used to eat different foods at different times.

The big advantage that this gave them is that they were able to digest their food much more Read more

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Losing Weight with the Paleo Diet

During the past 25 years, the obesity rates in the western world have climbed increasingly higher and yet we are the same humans that we were a quarter of a century ago. Evolution hasn’t changed us, and in the majority of instances, we haven’t all taken sedentary jobs either.

The difference is the evolution of our modern diet, and our inability to digest the quantities of processed foods that we so readily consume. This modern diet has also made it increasingly difficult to achieve weight loss as the foods that we consider to be good for us very often are Read more

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Ultimate Paleo Recipes

The key to making any diet work successfully is to make it easy to stick to. Many diets are either overly complicated, or the food tastes bland and boring and let’s face it that’s no fun!

If you are going to make Paleo a way of life and integrate it into your normal everyday routine then you need to Read more

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The Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness

The modern lifestyle revolves around eating unhealthy foods and then ‘binge’ exercising in the gym for an hour or two in order to keep some kind of crazy equilibrium going. The Paleo lifestyle has a different approach. If you are eating paleo already, then you will already be seeing and feeling the benefits that good nutritious food can bring you.

Paleo promotes ‘sustained’ exercise over high intensity workouts which are harmful to the body in the Read more

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Food Intolerance and the Paleo Diet

During the past few thousand years, intensive farming has created cheap food in abundance to allow us to feed an ever growing population. Many of these foods are however not natural to our diet, and as such we find them difficult to digest.

These include wheat, grains and dairy to name a few, others are legumes, and even potatoes which today we eat in large volumes compared to the diets of our ancestors. Read more