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What is Paleo?


Everything you will ever need to know about the caveman Paleo diet, how it works, why it’s good for you, how it can help with weight loss, general health, food intolerance and most importantly with athletic fitness training.https://25pc.com/best-gaming-desk/

The Paleolithic diet simply groups different foods into the natural groups that our bodies are designed to be able to digest them easily.

Often called the caveman diet because in essence, it is a system for eating in the same way that cavemen did back in the day.

The hardest part of switching to a Paleolithic diet is finding great recipes that are easy to make, fast and simple to prepare and great to eat.

We have sourced all the best recipes including many for the most difficult meals; breakfast, snacks and desserts. Combined, these will get you an almost endless supply of fantastically tasty meals that are really easy and fast to prepare.

Sticking to a Paleo diet plan isn’t always easy, so we have also found the best diet plan cheat sheets for you to download which will help you to manage your diet. We also have a diet plan for atheletes.

There is a lot more to Paleolithic eating than just having Paleo diet food list. If the caveman diet is going to be a practical diet for you then you do need to plan a little so that you always have the right ingredients to hand.

The caveman diet is a very healthy way to live, offering many health benefits.

The Paleo Recipe Book

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